Taiwan's Pingtung County kicks off travel campaign on Singapore taxis

  • 来源:www.taiwannews.com.tw
  • 日期:2018-04-12 16:23

Photo by Pingtung County Government

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Pingtung County Government has mounted a tourism campaign aimed at luring Singaporean visitors through taxi advertising.

Starting in April, ocean-themed visuals highlighting the catchphrase “Don’t tell me you’ve visited Taiwan without ever coming to Pingtung (没来过屏东,别说你到过台湾)” will appear on the exterior of 100 cabs in the city-state along with video clips promoting the southern region of Taiwan to be aired on the inbuilt TVs of 300 taxis.

The campaign, buoyed by the success of a similar marketing effort directed at Hong Kong residents last year, seeks to attract Singaporean visitors with a high consumer buying power to conduct individual travel to Pingtung County.

According to tourism official Huang Chian-chia of Pingtung County, taxis are one of the most common transportation means in the Southeast Asian country.

The conspicuous display of “Pingtung,” both in Chinese and English, is expected to draw the attention of and make an impression on passersby. The six-minute government-produced promotional clip “I left my heart in Pingtung”, an award-winning short film in the 2016 ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival held in Portugal, is also believed to be able to arouse the interest of cab riders in visiting Pingtung.

Statistics indicate that Taiwan saw a total of 420,000 tourist arrivals from Singapore in 2017. More travel campaigns will be carried out targeting Japan, South Korea, Thailand, among other countries in the coming years by the county government, Huang added.